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Incentivize shifts with same-day tips & wages.

Ferry inspires hospitality employees to pick up more shifts, perform better and stay longer by giving them access to their tips and wages same-day.

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Make every day a pay day.

Elevate employee performance by providing early access to earned wages and tips, and foster financial security for your team without impacting your balance sheet.

Retain Employees Longer

Attract New Talent Faster

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Automate daily tip payouts.

Ferry’s patented technology enables daily tip distributions from your P.O.S. whenever an employee clocks out. No waiting around for cash or waiting for next day payouts.

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Reduce cash payout costs.

Ferry helps you reduce your cash handling costs by eliminating the need for frequent armored car deliveries and unsafe bank runs.

Eliminate end-of-shift costs.

Employees receive cashless tip-outs wherever they are so you can eliminate the time and complexity of cash distributions.

Increase F.I.C.A. tax credit.

Track exactly how much primary and secondary tipped employees earned during their shift to reduce make up pay.

“BJ’s reduced their cash carrying costs by 66% with Ferry.”

Jake Guild
Senior Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer
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Send payroll to employees faster.

Ferry’s paycard gives employees access to their payroll just like direct deposit, and faster than paper checks.  No credit check required.

Employees can spend their funds via a Visa debit card or withdraw cash for free from any in-network ATM.

They can choose to transfer their earnings out of Ferry to any external US bank account.

Supercharge earnings with every shift.

Employees gain access to automatic Cash Back when they spend with Ferry.


Restaurants & businesses


Online & in-store retailers


Off car rentals, hotels & flights

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Test Ferry with one location.

Built for Hospitality

Ferry is built specifically for hospitality teams. Employees are incentivized with automated tip-outs and employers reduce their business costs.

Automated Workflows

Ferry auto-calculates tips for every employee, splits tips, and allocates the funds across employee accounts based on manager controls without the need for intervention.

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