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Flexible wage payouts for hospitality teams.

Improve operations and retention, and reduce tax liability with our all-in-one solution for automating instant tip payouts and tax compliance from your Point-of-Sale.

Armored car drops
bank runs
manual payouts
Ferry moves money for hospitality teams nationwide.

Empower your team with choice.

Provide your employees with complete payment flexibility, allowing them to send their funds to a convenient payroll card or into their own bank account.

Digital Wallet

Ferry offers a digital wallet for employees to get their tips same-day. They can spend their money with their Ferry Payroll Card or withdraw cash from an ATM.

Unlimited Cash back

External Transfers

Employees can also choose to transfer their funds out of their Ferry wallet and into any external bank account via standard ACH or instant transfer.

Instant Transfers
pay bills

Win the war to retain employees.

Earned Wage Access  Coming Soon

Offer your hourly employees the benefit
of receiving their earned wages after every shift.

Instant Tip Payout

At the end of every shift, employees who earn tips can immediately access their earnings in their digital wallet.

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Supercharge productivity.

Improve Team Morale

Simplify shift-end procedures, enhance tip transparency for your employees, and eliminate
the hassle of managing cash for tip sharing
during shift changes.

Optimize Performance

Give management the tools they need to analyze employee tip volumes to help improve
productivity, understand weaknesses, and incentivize performance.

Reduce the risk of fines from the IRS.

Reduce IRS Audits
Future-proof Compliance

Comply with the IRS SITCA regulation by automating tip out record keeping to ensure you're always withholding appropriate payroll and income taxes.

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We’re the most flexible solution.

Ferry is the only same-day payout solution that runs in your point-of-sale, handles secondary tip-outs, and makes you IRS STICA compliant.

Fully integrated

Managers and employees never have to log into a separate software to process their tips — daily tip-out procedures are part of their end-of-shift flow right inside the POS.

IRS compliant

Decrease your risk of liability and penalty from the IRS by streamlining payroll, income tax management and tip credits, and seamlessly comply with IRS SITCA regulation.

Automated workflows

Ferry auto-calculates tips for every employee, splits tips, and allocates the funds across employee accounts without the need for manager intervention.

Built for hospitality

The Ferry Payroll Card and digital wallet are built specifically for the needs of service workers to help improve financial wellness and work satisfaction.